IS YOUR HOME F.I.T. TO SELL…Call a Home Stager?

First Impression

If you are wanting, to sell your home, and quickly might I add, you need to make sure it’s F.I.T. to sell. F.I.T. is an acronym I like to use that focuses on how you can get your home ready to sell quickly and easily, Home Staging.

First impressions

The F in F.I.T. stands for first impressions. You want to make sure your home gives prospective buyers a great first impression. People who are looking to purchase a home look at the home three ways, which consists of the following. First, they will view the home online to determine whether it is worth their time. Second, they will drive by the outside of the home to check it out, but also to look at the surrounding neighborhood. Finally, they will take a tour of the home. Through this whole process, you want your home to make a good and lasting impression in their mind, if so, they will be more likely to purchase your home.

So the question is, how do you improve your home’s first impression? First, take the time to clean and organize the interior of your home. Next, take care of any repairs that need to be done both inside and outside of the home. Finally, and this is the biggest one, add some curb appeal to your home. Plant some flowers, make the entry way inviting.


The I in F.I.T. stands for imagination, because selling your home is all about getting the prospective buyer to imagine living in the space. This is hard for many home sellers, because it requires some serious work and dedication.

Disconnect from the home emotionally. If you are serious about selling your home, you have to start looking at it as a product that you are trying to sell. Prospective buyers don’t care about your memories. As you disconnect from the home, you want to depersonalize the home by removing personal artifacts. Most home buyers have a hard time picturing themselves in a home when someone else still clearly lives there. Declutter the home by packing up and removing anything that is not necessary. The items that you are removing from the home should be stored off the property giving the home plenty of open space.

Take it to the next level

The T in F.I.T. stands for take it to the next level. Once you have done everything you can do to make your home ready to sell, it is time to call in a professional home stager. A home stager knows how to best use the space in your home and will help you rearrange the items that are left in the home in such a way that prospects will see that you have taken great care of your home.

There are plenty of homes that sell without the help of home staging, but in today’s competitive housing market, those homes that are staged by a professional sell faster and for a higher price because a home stager is able to highlight the home’s best features and increase the perceived value of the home to prospective buyers.

If you are preparing to sell your home, it is time to make sure it is F.I.T. to sell. Make sure your home makes a great first impression on prospective buyers, let their imaginations run wild by disconnecting, depersonalizing, and decluttering your home, and then take your home to the next level by partnering with a professional home stager who will help you rearrange the space to get your home sold quickly and easily.